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Department of Mathematics

Department Information:
  • Department Address:
  • 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, TX 77004
  • Office: SB 111k
  • Phone: (713) 313-1396
  • Fax: (713) 313-1928
  • Department Chair:
  • Dr. A. Serpil Saydam
  • Phone: 713-313-1396
  • Email: SaydamAS@tsu.edu
  • Administrative Assistant:
  • Mrs. Nia Eakins
  • Phone: 713-313-7002
  • Email: eakinsnm@tsu.edu


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

The department of mathematics is one of the largest instructional units in the University, the Department of Mathematics offers courses in Mathematics, the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Mathematics, the Masters of Science (M.S.) Degree in Mathematics, and a minor in Mathematics for students majoring in other academic disciplines at the University. The Department provides major support to the overall undergraduate curriculum at Texas Southern University since every undergraduate degree or program of study requires the completion of, at least, three semester credit hours in Mathematics for graduation. Instructional facilities and the Department Office (Room 111K) are located on the first floor of the Science Building. Faculty members are housed on the first floor of the Science Building. The Mathematics Laboratory is located in SB105.

The Mission of the Mathematics Department is to provide students the necessary mathematical preparation to pursue their chosen field of study, and deal with mathematical processes and skills needed for everyday living; and, to develop in all students matriculating through the Mathematics Department an awareness of and appreciation for the role of Mathematics in the modern world. In the realization of this mission, students are prepared to enter graduate school, to teach at the elementary and secondary level, for negotiating the rigors of various curriculum of study that are dependent upon the understanding of mathematical processes, and to use quantitative and logical reasoning abilities needed for citizenship,for working in industry, the government, business, and other areas. Graduate Faculty of the Department of Mathematics have worked in the fields of Abstract Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Differential and Difference Equations, Discrete Dynamical Systems,Graph Theory, Information Theory, Mathematics Education, Probability and Statistics, Telecommunications and Computer Network Theory, and Topology.

The Department currently has 21 fulltime faculty members and 12 adjunct faculty members. The Mathematics Department faculty members are involved in a wide range of activities related to teaching and mentoring, research and grantsmanship, writing publications, making presentations and attending conferences. The faculty members are also involved in service to the university, local, state and national organizations.


  11/12/15 COST : On an efficient parallel finite element solver for the velocity-current magnetohydrodynamics equations, Keith Brauss, 151 NSB, 3:00 pm
  09/28/15 COST : Patterns of Synchrony: From Animal Gaits to Binocular Rivalry, Dr. Marty Golubitsky, 153 NSB, 2:00 pm
  05/07/15 Physics : Nucleosynthesis in Compact Stars at High Densities, Temperature and Strong Magnetic Fields, Dr. Samina Masood, 149 NSB, 2:00 pm
  04/08/15 Physics : Path-Integral Fujikawa's Approach to Anomalous Virial Theorems, Carlos Ordonez, 243 TECH, 4:00 pm


  arrow Mathematics Department Colloquium: Patterns of Synchrony: From Animal Gaits to Binocular Rivalry by Marty Golubitskey, Ohio State University, MOnday Oct. 5, 2015, @-3 pm Room 153 at Science Building.   
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